How to work your DAM into a powerhouse that services ALL departments

When people hear the phrase ‘DAM’ (digital asset management), they may often associate it with picture libraries. However, when choosing a DAM solution, think of how it can add value not just your...

Translating the terminology

If you are thinking about investing in a digital asset management (DAM) system, or have recently done so, you may have noticed that there is a lot of DAM jargon out there.

Leveraging lightboxes - how to make life easier for users

In the digital asset management (DAM) world, a lightbox is an area where people can collect and review assets they may want to download and use in the future – similar to a shopping trolley...

Why we will be returning to the Museums and Heritage Show next year

Last week, we exhibited at the Museums and Heritage Show in Olympia, London.

What makes a great website?

It’s all too easy to neglect a website that has been quietly running in the background for years. When customers and projects are at the forefront, ensuring that your website is up to date can...

Royal Armouries launches new online image library - using Capture technology

Image Credit - Photograph of child dressed in the uniform of a yeoman warder. Copyright - Royal Armouries   In exciting news, the Royal Armouries, keeper of the UK’s national collection of arms...

Open Access - reckless or resourceful?

Amongst the cultural and heritage sector, the idea of open access has captivated many and sparked debate among academics, curators, commercial figures – just to name a few. With pros and cons...

How to be future-proof in an ever-evolving industry

    2018 was a busy year for technology – advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to name just a few - and we’re sure technological advancements in 2019 won’t be slowing down.

Dressing your shop window - Archives in the age of Casual Curation

 1950s: Leadville, Colorado (Chalmers Butterfield / Public Domain)

No DAM system? Now that's a scary thought...

  The practice of Halloween came from Celtic paganism in Britain more than 2000 years ago.  They believed it was a time when ghosts and spirits arrived to haunt them and so would appease them by...

Interning at Capture - A Reflection

  As September hits and it's back to school and uni for most, it's time for us to wave farewell to our colleague and intern Ryland. Over the past few months, we have had the pleasure of his...

How our clients benefit from Managed Services

  From our hands on experience, to assistance in commercial ventures, Felicity Bazell - a member of our Managed Collections Team - explains the range of ways we can help our clients through our...


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