Be clever with your collections

Jun 2019

Be clever with your collections

Collections, groups, projects, folders, galleries – whatever you’d like to call them, are certainly something you should consider when exploring digital asset management (DAM) systems.

For our own clients, the simplicity of collections, combined with Capture’s PERMISSIONS module creates a powerful partnership that provides administrators with huge control over their assets. This combination offers powerful flexibility that puts the right content in the right hands, and can service multiple audiences including the public, staff, partners and sponsors alike.


What are collections?

Collections are groups of assets that have been collated for a purpose. They facilitate the organisation of your archive into neat segments – and can be as random as you like. So, you may have one collection labelled ‘Nature’, in which you place all assets of trees, flowers and beaches, or a collection named ‘Marketing’ with assets that the marketing team can use for their campaigns.

Within the collections, administrators can also set up sub-collections to drill down further in different topics – this helps users locate content quickly and more accurately.


An example of collections displayed on the front-end on the Capture platform


What is Capture PERMISSIONS?

shutterstock_113851294Capture PERMISSIONS is one of Capture’s building blocks that can be added to a platform. With this module, administrators can allocate and restrict certain content to certain users, granting them with exclusive ‘permissions’.

This is essential for some of our clients who hold some very sensitive images and documents. With PERMISSIONS, they can ensure that only certain members of staff, or their legal teams, can access these assets – all while still having a smooth running interface so that the everyday user is none the wiser.


How do they both give me more control over my content?

By applying the functionality of the PERMISSIONS module to collections, it means that the administrator can allocate specific collections to specific teams for specific workflows.

So, you may have multiple collections on your front-end, such as:

  • COLLECTION 1 – full of content you are happy for the public to access
  • COLLECTION 2 – full of content for only your marketing team to use for social media
  • COLLECTION 3 – full of content only available for a local school that you partner with, giving them access to educational videos and documents to use in the classroom
  • COLLECTION 4 – full of content for a sponsor to be able to use in their marketing campaigns
  • COLLECTION 5 – full of content from an event that one of your corporate partners hosted at your venue


shutterstock_641772313Each collection will only be visible to the users who have permission to access it, allowing you to service your staff, sponsors, partners, the public and any other users - all through one platform - providing different pools of users with an individual and customised experience.

Utilising Capture collections with the PERMISSIONS module will provide your users with an interface that is tailored to them and their needs – and at the same time guaranteeing that they only see what you, as administrator, allow them to see. What could be more efficient than that!


See our front-end platform in action in our short taster video, or request a demo.



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