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Posted on: 14 September, 2017 by capture

 In the past with a major sporting event like the Summer Olympics we wouldn’t see highlights or medal ceremonies until the evening news. Now with social media, high-speed internet, and upgrades to mobile devices we practically live online with instant access to our favourite brands through information, images, and videos.

For brands and sponsors this means they need to deliver content instantly to capture their audience interest and stay competitive.   Fuelled by the need for instant customer gratification, brand assignment photography is growing. Teams of photographers are hired by image agencies, sponsors and brands to capture moments from high profile events then publish these images to hungry fans via social media channels.

In response to this growing need Capture Ltd have launched their latest package to help brands optimise the value of this content. Capture are experts at managing digital images and have worked with Wimbledon for several years so it made sense at Wimbledon’s 2017 Tennis World Championships, to introduce the latest package; Capture LIVE Events.

This split-second distribution technology enabled Bob Martin (the award winning sports photographer) and his top notch assignment photography team to cover all 18 courts, as well as several robotic ‘bird’s eye view’ cameras, to shoot images and distribute them within 30 seconds! The result? Amazing photographs of iconic sporting moments delivered to various social media sites on behalf of Wimbledon’s commercial partners immediately.

“Working with Capture’s terrific technology – and their supportive team – means we can focus on shooting the best images, confident in the knowledge that seconds later they will be being delivered via the Capture system, complete with captions, correct location and attributed to the right photographer.” said Bob Martin.

For a brand manager or sponsor the ability to get images and information out there almost instantaneously to users and consumers is a game changer. With Capture LIVE EVENTS they can feed hungry followers who won’t be able to resist immediately getting the most up to date information of their favourite sporting events and so their favourite brands.









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