Ensuring your digital content is Gold standard

Posted on: 23 November, 2017 by capture

Whether you are sourcing existing content or commissioning new photography, it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to control and secure their digital assets in order to manage content quickly and effectively.

If you are a Brand Manager, Advertising Executive, Creative Director or Digital Librarian; perhaps you are working within the fashion industry, retail, marketing or within a traditional photographic library, you can apply a submissions system to create a seamless workflow for your digital assets.

Capture SUBMISSIONS gives you the required connectivity with your contributors, an easy two-way street in terms of communication with the ability to accept images, and ensure that your content is gold standard.

In terms of metadata and quality, SUBMISSIONS enables you to edit your very best assets, whilst your contributors have a log-in to view responses to their submissions in real time and see acceptance rates.  If there is a rejection, contributors can see whether it is a quality, release or perhaps a metadata issue.  From your side of things, you can swiftly accept, reject, select and categorise images, either in bulk or individually.

The Capture SUBMISSIONS module extends into training contributors to meet metadata and release standards providing the capability for metadata to be configured to requirements and automatically ingested from IPTC information. Required metadata fields can also be added and embedded as part of the content, i.e. caption, location details, copyright information, the date it was captured.

An additional key feature of SUBMISSIONS includes the ability to sync with Adobe Photoshop making the whole process more efficient.

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