How to be future-proof in an ever-evolving industry

Jan 2019

How to be future-proof in an ever-evolving industry

2018 was a busy year for technology – advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to name just a few - and technological advancements aren't slowing down in 2019.

We caught up with our Head of User Experience, Simon Mallindine, to get his view on some of the hottest technology talking points in our industry, and how digital asset management (DAM) strategies can ensure users have the fundamental tools to stay future-proof in a fast-paced industry where no two days are the same.


Curation and discoverability


Within the digital world, curation is key. Due in part to the ubiquity of camera phones, more accessible and affordable photographic equipment, the rise of the ‘selfie’, and the exponential growth of content providers, we now live in a world where anyone and everyone can create content. That means the number of assets being produced and distributed has skyrocketed, so the task of locating and managing them has become a real struggle.


Finding and using the right content quickly is the essence of digital asset management (DAM). As content curation is becoming even more important, organisations need a DAM system capable of retrieving and managing assets at a deep level to prevent them from being lost in the digital ether. Simon considers this functionality crucial - “discoverability is key” for assets to become viable and licensable.

Simon explains “time is precious, so our innovative interface where you can view and categorise thousands upon thousands of assets in lightning speed is designed with rapidity and efficiency in mind. It helps users to sift through the hundreds, thousands or even millions of assets that may be on a system in order to quickly curate and identify them.” At Capture, we understand the importance of curation and are passionate about making our client's content discoverable and valuable. Read more about how to achieve quality, outstanding curation here.


Instant distribution

LiveAnother important topic is speed of distribution. Simon notes that distribution is something that DAM systems are traditionally bad at.

In today’s world the need for increased speed in all forms of technology has been fuelled by the demands of 24/7, around the clock news, as well as social media becoming a stream for live content. Seconds count in these scenarios. As a society we are becoming less willing to wait, simply because we don’t have to, evidenced by the insistence of next-day delivery and click and collect.

For Simon, the same principals apply for sharing and downloading digital content within a DAM - this needs to be done effortlessly. At Capture we broke the stereotype of DAMs being slow, with the development of our Capture LIVE distribution module – “something unique and not in the market before we developed it”. Capture LIVE allows you to work with photographers to distribute stunning images to commercial benefactors, partners and social media channels all within seconds of the shot being taken. This helps sponsors control the content that correctly represents their brand.

Simon’s aim with the Capture platform is to make all processes as fast as possible. Even processes that require human interaction and approval – such as photographer submissions - Simon and the Capture development team will always design our platform with speed in mind.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay, although we are still learning how it will affect our day-to-day lives. At Capture, Simon explains that we are evaluating several different AI solutions and will carefully pick from the emerging market winners.

“We won’t be writing our own, because it would be foolish not to take advantage of the billions of dollars that have been invested by the big technology vendors. Different solutions deliver better functionality for different purposes. For example, some are excellent at facial recognition, whereas others are great at recognising objects.” Since the Capture platform is adaptable and flexible, we will be advising our clients on the best possible solution for them.

“By integrating artificial intelligence into every aspect of the back end - not just picture recognition – it will massively reduce the number of hours people will have to spend managing their collections” – again, demonstrating how the Capture solution will help time-restricted clients. 




At Capture, we aim to create a digital asset management platform that responds to market demands. We want our clients to feel safe in the knowledge that the value of their content will be continually protected and increased. Simon explains “our roadmap is full of individual functions, and by using an agile development approach it makes it much easier for us to react to customer feedback and to adapt our roadmap to fit audience requirements very quickly.”

We have had great feedback to the latest Capture Website 3.0 front end and are very excited about the platform developments we have planned over the coming year. You can watch a taster of the front end platform in action here

As always, our aim isn’t to develop a ‘me too’ product - but to be a trusted partner to our clients and deliver a platform that helps them leapfrog their competitors in an ever-competitive and fast-paced world by using their best content efficiently and effectively.



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