How to manage change in the workplace

Aug 2019

How to manage change in the workplace

Change is inevitable – at some point we need to accept that in order to work more efficiently and effectively we must shake things up and move on in a different direction.

Change can be exciting and inspiring - but for some it can also be unnerving and uncomfortable, so it can be a real challenge to get people to not to resist the new ways of working.

Here we discuss our top tips for encouraging and implementing a new, technological change within an organisation - however, the basic principles apply to many other situations:

Explain the benefits

You obviously are advocating this change because you believe that this will be a benefit to your organisation. Therefore, the first step in getting people on board with a new solution is letting them know your reasoning, and how it will positively affect them too.

Since the most valuable asset to most people in business is either their time or money, make sure that when you speak about the new technology solution that you directly address the problems and pains that colleagues face here, and explain how the new solution will better this. Perhaps the solution will cut time spent searching for documents by 50%, which will save on average £100,000 per year, for example.

Use this direct language to convince people how this solution will not only better their workflows, but the business as a whole.

Be transparent

Often, what people dislike most about change is the fear of the unknown. How will their daily routine be affected? Are they expected to take on new responsibilities? When will this all come into play?

The best way to kill this fear is to be honest about how this change will transition into people’s day-to-day lives. Communicate the process clearly – what is the time scale of the project, when will the tech solution be fully implemented, and what is expected of others?

Removing the element of surprise will ensure that you gain the trust of your colleagues, and by gaining their trust they are more likely to hear you out and be receptive to the new approach.

Become an early adopter

Leading by example is one of the easiest ways to get others to follow in your footsteps. Naturally, people seek a leader to get behind – becoming an early adopter within your organisation will encourage others to follow suit. You should walk the walk as well as talk the talk, to prove to everyone you are serious about the benefits that this will bring.

Not only are you showing the possibility, but also the process, of how to reach the ‘promised land’, where life is made easier by the new solution. Seeing results in real life can make it easier for sceptics to visualise the advantages of the new approach.



This isn't to say that implementing change is always tricky - some people thrive on new beginnings and fresh starts. Therefore, working with those who champion the new approach, combined with using the tactics above will be the best starting point when trying to demonstrate the benefits to those who aren't so sure - encouraging them to give change a chance. 




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