How to work your DAM into a powerhouse that services ALL departments

Jun 2019

How to work your DAM into a powerhouse that services ALL departments

When people hear the phrase ‘DAM’ (digital asset management), they may often associate it with picture libraries. However, when choosing a DAM solution, think of how it can add value not just your image library, but across your whole organisation to extend that return on investment; including marketing, PR, events, partnerships and facilities management teams to name but a few…


Marketing and Communications teams often have similar content requirements so the ability to create asset groups for social media posts, brochures, website and newsletters is ideal. Additionally, choosing a DAM system with collaboration features will allow these teams to share assets from the DAM amongst each other and directly onto various social media channels – eliminating the process of having to download, resize and re-upload.


PR and Press
The PR or Press teams often deal with live content.  Live technology enables imagery to be uploaded into the DAM, complete with metadata, and ready to distribute within seconds of the shot being taken. The ability to immediately deliver images from live events, exhibitions or conferences that stream into a dedicated group for rapid distribution to online press agencies is great to get news out fast.


Sponsorship and commercial partners
Sponsorship and commercial teams need to attract brands. A DAM solution that enables them to offer an array of exclusive, up to the minute images as part of their sponsorship package can be a game changer. This can be done simply by setting up a dedicated group that can serve content in minutes, that only the selected brands can access via an intuitive front-end.


Live technology within a DAM system is essential for events team, as the live imagery produced by official photographers can be projected around the venue in real time, on a system where attendees and staff can access and share to directly social media, creating a buzz and promoting whatever the event may be - for example, a concert, exhibition or conference  - further!


Estates/conservation teams
Managing and maintaining sporting or heritage sites can be a logistical challenge. Uploading images whilst onsite can help estates and facilities teams to capture a record of a building that needs repair, complete with metadata and location to speed up workflows. It helps the team to:

  • Hit deadlines and prove that maintenance work is completed on time, and to the highest standard
  • Reduce ambiguity by providing a precise location where work should be carried out
  • Collaboration amongst the team – allowing maintenance staff to review, comment, edit and share imagery to prevent mistakes
  • Organise projects centrally via groups and subgroups to provide structure to workflows to save precious time
  • Have a record to help replicate previous site work
  • Have a record to prevent costly mistakes


A solution that can service multiple business objectives and multiple workflows is a cost-effective, extensive content solution.



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