Photographers want to take pictures, not worry about getting paid...

Posted on: 06 December, 2017 by capture

... with Capture's ready-to-roll     royalty management system              it's all taken care of!

Why is Capture's Royalty system relevant in today’s market?  Here are some thoughts to ponder…

The Cost of Photography

The current explosion of imagery could be perceived as a good or a bad thing if you’re a photographer. On the one hand there is a huge appetite to consume images, on the other hand there are many more 'wanna-be' photographers endeavoring to be the next ‘Bailey’ or ‘Bob Martin’. The result: businesses are looking for outstanding imagery to help get them noticed and photographers are having to work much harder to stand out in order to respond to this need.

The greater demand for an artistic well composed image often means using the latest and greatest photographic equipment. Up to date equipment is an on going investment so ensuring royalty payments for images is critical.

Tech trends are pushing pictures and consuming consumers

These days everyone is a potential creator of content, almost all of us have smart phones with good quality cameras. Family events and selfies on social media are common practice  along with viral marketing using professional assignment photography. Unfortunatly Facebook and Twitter both remove licensee information from these images. Once this happens it is virtually impossible to identify the rights holder.

Safeguarding Photographic Talent

In this digital age it is no surprise stock pghotography is expanding with potential for photographers to make money.  Typical photographers need to sell their pictures through third party image libraries and it can be a challenge to manage and track the intellectual property and all the picture royalties owed to the photographer. There are very few technology companies out there that specialise in image royalty management - but Capture is one of them.

‘Capture Royalties’

If you think your image library needs a ready-to-roll royalty management system – one that can generate invoices, add contributors and commission percentages all at the click of a button, then contact us.  If you want to bulk import agent reports and auto calculate multiple pay outs, even allow contributors to view their own private portal, then Capture would love to help.

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