Leveraging lightboxes - how to make life easier for users

May 2019

Leveraging lightboxes - how to make life easier for users

In the digital asset management (DAM) world, a lightbox is an area where people can collect and review assets they may want to download and use in the future – similar to a shopping trolley function on retail sites. The term was taken from the photographic method of using a lightbox to review non digital photographs. It's one of the most crucial elements of a DAM system.

Many use lightboxes to collate assets needed for upcoming projects - gathering marketing collateral for a future digital campaign, selecting images to place on brochures and flyers, or collecting assets to display at an upcoming exhibition. Since it is essential to use the right assets for every project, your DAM system should ensure that it is easy for users to be able to collaborate with colleagues and other team members, to get their opinion and approval - all in one central location.

Therefore, we have listed some lightbox tips and tricks we at Capture believe are essential to encourage team collaboration to ensure the best use of your digital assets, which can all be achieved with the functionality that we use in our latest front-end technology:


shutterstock_325947242Downloading lightboxes

When faced with many assets, the idea of having to manage them into different documents, resize them to fit their different purposes, or get them all onto presentation slides to present to the rest of the team can be tedious.

Within a lightbox there may be assets that the user has various intentions for, such as to be printed on posters, t-shirts and used for social media campaigns - all requiring different download sizes. Make your team's life a little easier by using a DAM that allows users to download the asset in their necessary sizes straight from the system, saving them time having to fiddle around with resizing at a later stage.

Additionally, providing PDF and presentation slide download options will save masses of time formatting. Encourage your users to download a lightbox as a PDF file ready for a business case, or as a presentation, with the assets assigned to each slide, ready and waiting to present to the team.

Remove time-wasting and frustration from your user’s workflows by making your DAM system do the bulk of the work for them.


Sharing lightboxes

shutterstock_745061995Digital asset management systems should make it easy for people to collaborate on projects, to ensure that the best assets are used for the job in hand. At Capture, we have tackled this in our latest version of our front-end technology, by providing the option to share interactive versions of a lightbox with as many people as the user pleases. Once a interactive lightbox is shared, the owner can give the other users permission to be able to annotate, delete, clone, or add to the lightbox. There are also the options to send just a view only version, and also a separate copy to other users.

By making it easier for users to directly collaborate with others, you provide a seamless user experience which will encourage them to return for other projects, and fully utilise the assets you provide.


Notes on lightbox

shutterstock_321230462If a lightbox is shared between several users, they are bound to want to communicate amongst each other about its content. However, holding discussions over several email threads is something to steer clear of, as digging up old emails every time the user comes back to revisit the lightbox is another timely process to go through, not to mention what if the emails with all these communications get lost or deleted?

Having notes functionality within your DAM allows for all communications surrounding the lightbox to be stored centrally. When users write notes, others can come into the system and respond, meaning that this important dialogue is always kept attached to the lightbox. It also means that when you share the lightbox with others, you don’t need to update them on any previous discussions – it is all recorded and visible for them there to see.

Eliminate the hurdles that users have to go through to be able to work on lightboxes - the only process that they should have to go through is simply logging onto the DAM platform.



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