No DAM system? Now that's a scary thought...

No DAM system? Now that's a scary thought...


The practice of Halloween has been a tradition for years, and it’s clear many books, films and TV shows have taken inspiration from this spooky period, with soul sucking phantoms, vampires, werewolves and other ghoulish terrors...


In reality, I think we’re most commonly haunted by the fear of running out of time and missing that important deadline or even worse, wasting money duplicating effort in order to deliver that research paper or publish that marketing brochure. In the world of instant information, we now live in fear of ‘how will we get it all done?’.

By investing in digital asset management (DAM) you can avoid the horror of wasting time and money because it provides many tangible benefits to help ward off evil time-wasting scenarios.


Stop losing your assets to the time-wasting gremlins

Trying to locate an image you were working with a few weeks ago but now seems to have disappeared into thin air - what can you do? You’ve gone through folders, computer drives and even your emails but still no luck? The deadline gremlins are snapping at your heels and wasting time trying to find assets is creating panic. With a DAM system, having all your assets stored centrally with applied metadata means locating them will be quick and easy. Not only will it save you time, but will prevent you sending emails pestering other people to waste their time helping you.


Make sure content doesn’t get into ‘horrible’ hands

Chances are, your business deals with a lot of content - internal, confidential, sensitive, public, legal and personal information - all with a unique purpose. This varied information all has different intended audiences. Do you really want your public audience to access sensitive legal documentation? Or your staff to access one another’s salary details? With a permissions module, relax in the knowledge you can control exactly who sees what.


Stay ahead of the deadly business boogieman

If you happen to be a picture library relying on selling assets, what’s scarier than making an expensive commercial mistake? Fear not, with a DAM system you are able to run reports to keep you informed. You can run a report on the bestselling asset of the month, or perhaps find the photographer who generates the most sales. You can even run a null search, to find out what people are searching for without getting any results. Use a DAM platform to provide valuable data you can analyse to help stay ahead of the business boogieman.


scary pumpkin carving

By having a system that can save you time and money, give you control over your content, help you make informed business decisions and provide a second to none user experience, your business can feel protected in the digital world.

With the Capture DAM system, you don’t need to feel spooked by all the mistakes businesses could be making...



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