What makes a great website?

May 2019

What makes a great website?

It’s all too easy to neglect a website that has been quietly running in the background for years. When customers and projects are at the forefront, ensuring that your website is up to date can fall straight to the bottom of the to-do list. We ourselves at Capture have been guilty of this...

But in order to stay relevant and accessible, a website should be an organic, living portal for businesses to communicate with their customers and prospects. Therefore, we decided we needed to give our website a refresh, and turned to Simon Mallindine, WordPress developer and designer, and Head of User Experience at Capture to advise on where to start.

Although there are many platforms to run your site on, Simon argues that WordPress really is the go-to – “40% of the entire internet runs on WordPress. It’s robust, simple, upgradable and fast to deploy”.

Now we have given our website the makeover it deserved, we thought we’d share our top 3 benefits of using WordPress to do the same for your own site:



Using a platform like WordPress gives your Sales and Marketing teams complete autonomy over the website, to ensure your site is a living, breathing marketing tool. The guided experience that WordPress provides allows them to make tweaks effortlessly, and importantly, extremely quickly. No longer are web developer skills required to build and edit a website. We in the Sales and Marketing team at Capture had no experience in WordPress whatsoever prior to the website relaunch, but with an initial demo from Simon – and thanks to the simplicity of WordPress - we managed to build the site independently within 3 weeks!

Now, we have total control over our website content and design – we can update our homepage with new promotional videos, add new blogs and change product description pages within a matter of minutes. It allows us to communicate with our customers and prospects much quicker, and saves us having to pester the web developers!



For Simon, a clean website theme is crucial for an enhanced user experience. In WordPress, there are a vast number of simple and slick designs to pick from. Adding animations, colours and widgets gives your website character to ensure it is not a ‘cookie-cutter’ site and can easily be updated as the company changes and grows. For us at Capture, our new design gives a small pop of our brand colour pink, giving it the Capture touch.

Whilst it’s invaluable that the options with design really are effortless and limitless, Simon warns that it can be tempting to be a little too enthusiastic with animations and colours. Going overboard runs the risk of detracting from the content and primary purpose of the website – which should always be to inform and educate. “If you want to introduce animations, keep them minimal and compatible with the rest of the website”. Keep the design simple, clean and consistent to let your content do the talking.



Optimising your website to be responsive on multiple devices is important, because it ensures that not only is the content accessible, but that every visitor has a remarkable user experience.

In the busy, on-the-go world we live in today, more people than ever are accessing the web via portable devices – namely mobile. WordPress provides super simple options to maximise the responsiveness of your site on these devices. For example, choosing the option to have different home pages for mobile, tablet or laptop – all done by simply ticking a box most of the time! Creating an easy to navigate site will encourage visitors to stay, browse other pages and revisit.


Therefore, by using such a well-known, widely used platform like WordPress, you can arm your team with the skills to create, develop and continually improve your website to give your customers, prospects and any other visitors an unparalleled user experience.

We also use WordPress for all our client’s Capture WEBSITE 3 sites – giving them total control of the look and feel of their front-end – get a taster here.

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