Why tech should never totally replace humans

Jul 2019

Why tech should never totally replace humans

In today’s world, it appears tech is set to overtake the capabilities of humans; with the rise of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, tech is outsmarting mankind at lightning pace. However, ditching the human element of technology altogether could be a huge mistake. Tech suppliers have invaluable knowledge of the industry they work in, being able to ensure that you get the most from your investment.

For us, there are 3 areas that we believe should remain ‘human’ within tech companies, and we would encourage others to consider when purchasing a new technical solution:



Change is constant. An adopted process 5 years ago could now be classed as passé, so it would be foolish to assume that every user will immediately be competent to use a new system, without some form of guidance. Therefore, training is essential if users are able to utilise a solution efficiently and effectively.

Yes, vendors can create explainer videos or manuals – and they are extremely helpful as a referral mechanism down the line. However, often it is essential for a user to have time one-on-one with the tech provider, who is on hand to answer specific questions and shape the training sessions to fit around the user needs. This guarantees the solution is understood and is REALLY optimised.


Project Management

A stringent project management plan, and an efficient project team to execute said plan is imperative. It ensures that all the requirements and bespoke needs of the customer are addressed at the start of the process.

Some vendors provide a click and go solution, which is immediate, but critically lacks a personalised approach to ensure the customer is thoroughly happy with the agreed plan and importantly the solution they are receiving.

Rather than leaving the customer in the dark about the implementation, a dedicated project team can clearly communicate the plan, report progress, uncover any issues and be sure that they deliver the exact solution required by the customer.

The human element is essential to ensure that the project is rolled out as smoothly and as accurately as possible, saving time rectifying unforeseen issues along the way.



Sometimes technology fails. Whilst some support can be automated it is so important to have a point of contact when dealing with a complex solution.

A dedicated support team will ensure that when a technology glitch occurs, there is SOMEONE rather than SOMEWHERE to turn. An empathetic support team at the end of the phone or support portal provides reassurance, addresses concerns efficiently and ultimately can solve the problem quickly.


So what should we look for?

Providing a human touch in a world of technology remains crucial to ensure that customers get the most from their technological investment. Not only should technology vendors provide tools to address customer business needs but they should also provide a comprehensive level of support to ensure that businesses are efficient, as well as future proofed.




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